We transform what is seen as a problem to an asset for citizens, non-profit organizations, the landlords and most importantly the local community.

There are many reasons to why property owners choose to collaborate with us, we have collected some of them:



1. Responsibility and Flexibility

By collaborating with us property owners enable and contribute to more sustainable and democratized forms of city development by absorbing new potentials and ideas in spaces currently threatened by vacancy. However mutual agreements regarding the usage of the space as well as the timeframe are set upon a short term lease. Mellanrum is taking full responsibility for each collaboration we engage in and remain your contact partner throughout the development and realization of the specific project.


2. Maintenance and security

Vacant spaces and buildings are in need of an ongoing maintenance to preserve the quality of the physical structures. By activating them we make sure they are kept under corresponding conditions. Having properties occupied reduce the risk for vandalism.


3. Publicity

By using and animating the vacant spaces we put them back on the map of the public. Hence they are constantly being exposed to a diversity of urban actors. Collaborating with us can also lead to positive publicity that respond to new impulses in the city and resonate them through local and national media channels.


4. A temporary solution becomes a long-term one

Some of the initiatives we work with are looking for spaces to use for a longer term. By experimenting with temporal solutions and engaging in new collaborations the projects may sustain as a long-term use.