Gula Rummet

Organised by: mellanrum

It has been a little while since mellanrum announced a new project to be set up on the premises of Folkets Park. Now while the second coat of paint is about to dry we are ready to drop the pin on the map and introduce Gula Rummet to you.

Since fall of 2014 mellanrum has been exploring the set of values and materials that construct, define and delimit public and private spaces in Malmö. In most instances they do oppose each other leaving little space for collective experimentation and transgression. Our mindset is built around the principle of radical plurality and openness, where conditions for everyone and each to be part of an ever-shifting, emergent and diverse urban arrangement do persist through interaction and co-organisation.

Gula Rummet is a collective small-scale experiment to contribute to Malmö’s cityscape with a radically open and barely defined space of opportunities. Gula Rummet is to be filled and used by everyone willing to articulate and share ideas.

Get involved and help us setting up a radically open, private space for a new “allmänheten”. Pass by Gula Rummet during the month of March, hang out, get inspired, leave your traces and ideas on site or online to be added to the calendar of April and May.


Our sincere thanks go to the team of Folkets Park for help and advice, Lisa Winter for creative support and illustration, as well as Colorama and Moltex for color and interior sponsorship.

Open the latest updates of the event calendar for April and May.

Everyone can apply by making use of the application form at Gula Rummet or by downloading a form here. Send the application to


Möglichkeitsraum – a mellanrum initiated salon at Gula Rummet

Be our guests on Friday 27th of March 2015. Doors open from 6pm – we will offer fika and a highlighted yellow atmosphere. The event is free and open to everyone.

Our conversation will depart from questions about Möglichkeitsräume – spaces of opportunities. Can we contribute to the emergence of more open and pluralistic spaces that enable collective use and shared economies? With what materials and through what practices do we create, shape and reshape the public and the private of our cities? How can space remain open for interpretations, inclusive and welcoming while being transformed by and for a purpose?

Let’s connect, make friends & talk! And then let’s go back to doing!
– salon hosted by mellanrum in a conversation with Connectors Malmö


Falsterbogatan 9
214 36 Malmö


From: 13/03/2015
Untill: 01/09/2015

Gula Rummet

Falsterbogatan 9, 214 36 Malmö, Sweden

Gula Rummet is a collective small-scale experiment on the premises of Folkets Park to contribute to Malmö's cityscape with a radically open and barely defined space of opportunities. Welcome!